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A day at the Easter Camp

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Easter is normally a time for children to celebrate, have fun and make new friends.

That is exactly the ethos around the Easter Camp at the ICC Academy this festive season. Celebrated around springtime, Easter is all about growing anew, and we believe the programme at the Home of Elite Cricket will do just that.


Running from the 29th of March to the 9th of April, the Easter Camp focuses on putting young players in match-like situations, thereby enabling them to discover for themselves the intellectual and technical know-how required to get themselves out of a tight spot in a match, should it ever arise.

One of the drills at the camp sees would feature a batsman not being allowed to hit on the leg side, while facing a bowler who would pitch to him deliveries that would tempt him to do just that.

Through this exercise, a player discovers new methods of playing the game that were previously unknown to him, thereby allowing him to evolve as a player.


The Easter Camp at the ICC Academy is also about refinement. Bowlers and batsmen are taught to hone their skills at the camp during matches played between two teams of players.

Bowlers who bowl wides during these matches are penalised in the form of more runs being awarded to the batting side, while batsmen who get out are also penalised in the form of run deduction.

This incentive to score the maximum number and/or concede the least number of runs further motivates these players to sharpen their skills and become better players.

The Easter Camp at the ICC Academy is not just about the honing of these starlets’ technical skills. It also improves their knowledge of other aspects of the game.

Children here are taught about the laws of the game, sportsmanship and the very intriguing, immersive history of the sport. A standard feature of the camp is a very enjoyable quiz on cricketing history that the kids enthusiastically look forward to and eagerly participate in.

Given the overall development these players are receiving, which is sure to reap rewards in the future, the Easter Camp at the ICC Academy is an exciting event your child is sure to enjoy!