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At the ICC Academy, we have a multitude of coaching programmes for everyone’s needs, be it someone who is just starting to fall in love with the game of cricket or an individual who’s been involved in the game for a long time.

All of our coaches are internationally qualified specialists with a wealth of experience in their chosen field of expertise.

Our Cricket Cubs programme is for children between the ages of two and six. Created specifically for young ones, this programme will teach children the fundamentals of the game, and involves learning the basics of batting, bowling and fielding.

The primary programme of the ICC Academy youth development initiative is our Warriors Programme. The Warriors Programme is for children between the ages of 7 and 17.

Children who are part of this initiative are taught specialist batting techniques and are given the bowling skills and fielding acumen they will need in the field. They are also given physical and mental conditioning to help them last on the pitch, which can be a very enduring ask for even the most experienced sportsman.

In addition, Warriors often go on overseas tours to play against some of the finest cricket clubs in the world.

There is also a Senior Warriors Programme designed for those who wish to continue to keep abreast with the latest cricketing developments in the game.

Given that these adults already have the skills required to excel on the pitch, emphasis here is on team-building and work ethic, with training of the group as a whole prioritised over individual development.

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