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Cricket Coaching: Term 2 returns after festive break

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Academy Programmes back in 2015

The ICC Academy’s Cricket Development Programmes have returned in 2015, following the festive break, to ensure you receive the best sporting education the world’s premier cricketing academy can offer you.

The Cricket Cubs programme, open to budding stars between the ages of two and six, offers the next generation of talents a chance to develop their physical and mental skills which they do through our tailor-made activities that have been crafted by our world-class coaches at the academy, in addition to providing them with holistic conditioning through the improvement of their confidence levels, the imparting of sporting spirit and the inculcation of team work.

The ICC Academy is renowned for its world class facilities along with a team of elite coaches.

Our Junior and Senior Warriors programmes are open to those aged six and above. For players between the age of six and 13 who have their eyes set on a sporting career playing the gentleman’s game, this is the path for you!

Our team of experienced coaches is led by the internationally renowned ICC Academy Head of Cricket Development, Mudassar Nazar, who deliver a comprehensive multi dimensional program of cricket coaching and education developing technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle skills in a blended approach using group coaching, structured net practices, game-based practices, games and activities and a comprehensive competition and tournament schedule.

Click here to register for the Junior Warriors programme

Those who want to take their game to the next level will be more than capable of reaching their cricketing potential through our Senior Warriors initiative, open to sports starlets between the ages of 13 and 18.

In addition to fleshing-out the finer points of your game, the Senior Warriors programme also involves the opportunity to tour overseas to gain international experience, in addition all Warriors are eligible for the rigorous selection process which determines the intake for the ICC Academy Emerging Players Programme.

Click here to register for the Senior Warriors programme

The ICC Academy also offers coaching programmes for adults who’ve harboured passion for the game, and features one-on-one sessions for sports enthusiasts of all ages.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ICC Academy in 2015, a year in which we will take things to the next level.