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Curators and Groundskeeping

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Being the Home of Elite Cricket is not easy!

In order to cater to the best of athletes from around the globe, you need to have the best facilities. In cricket, that often means access to the best pitches.

At the ICC Academy, we have two outdoor pitches, an indoor pitch, practice nets and a fully-equipped gymnasium to suit the needs of the players that arrive here.


Our outdoor Ovals are fully floodlit, and – believe it or not – are individually prepared for teams that arrive at our facilities.

Depending on the needs of the teams, our pitches are specially designed for them with either English, Australian or Asian soil to give them that preparatory edge and help them acclimatise to the conditions at the destination their tournament is being played in.

The soil in question is flown in from the above regions so that it is always available for use here (yes, we knew you’d ask!)


Our ground staff are also responsible for preparing the pitches at the Dubai International Stadium, which is used by international teams for tournaments that take place in the city.

In addition, they also maintain the playing surfaces of the natural and artificial pitches at the Football Academy and the two natural grounds at our Rugby Park.