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Flicx Pitch League proves to be extremely popular

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Last Saturday, the Under-13s at the ICC Academy competed in a Twenty20 competition seldom seen elsewhere.

Out on the Ovals, on portable, highly versatile Flicx Pitches, eight teams of starlets featuring the Academy’s best and brightest took part in the Flicx Pitch league. With one specialist coach assigned to every team, they faced off against each other to see which team would emerge triumphant with the Flicx Pitch Cup.


With each team of 11 playing two matches each, teams that won the most number of matches would be part of the quartet that competed for the Cup. The other four would contest the Plate.

In the end, it were the teams of Coaches Adnan and Atif that played against one another for the Cup, while the teams commandeered by George and Samuel contested the Plate.

In matches that went down to the wire, it was Atif’s team that was triumphant when it came to winning the Cup. Over in the plate, a matched that stretched tensions close to breaking point saw Sam’s team triumph.


ICC Academy manager William Kitchen opined that the Flicx Pitch League was here to stay. “I overheard some of the kids saying this league was – to quote them – ‘awesome’ and this sort of endeavour is something that is not really found elsewhere.

“Its a really fun aspect to be part of and its something the kids really seem to like. There’s also that competitive edge because teams are in the end competing for silverware. This does also test their mettle which is what we’re trying to inculcate in the kids at the ICCA.”

The Flicx Pitch League takes place every 10 weeks at the close of the ICCA term and is open to all Under-13s at the Academy. For more information, please email Keagan Clarke at KeaganC@iccacademy.net or call the ICC Academy at (0)4 4481355.