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Know our Coaches: Keagan Clarke

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Keagan Clarke directs the ICC Academy’s Schools Programme, having taken over after overseeing the Academy’s Warriors Programme,

Keagan is South African, but you’d be excused if you didn’t realise that immediately. He moved to Ireland with his family while young and in the Emerald Isle began his love affair with the gentleman’s game.


Representing County Leinster all the way from the Under-13 to the Under-18 levels, he toured all over the UK and Europe representing the county on overseas tours. While in Ireland, Keagan also played cricket at school, where his team was captained by a certain Eoin Morgan.

With the sort of understanding and admiration that he had for the game, it was only natural that Keagan would want to pursue it further. The youngest player to have played at the Rush Cricket Club which produced players such as William Porterfield and (the very same) Eoin Morgan, Keagan was part of the Ireland National Cricket Team’s setup until he was 19.

Having been associated with the ICCA since 2014, Keagan’s role alongside the other ICCA coaches has seen him develop the Academy’s Warriors programme, our mainstream, primary player development initiative that now features nearly five hundred young starlets.

Coaching the Under-7s and working alongside some of the world’s leading experts in sporting knowledge, Keagan helped devise an eight-point plan to help mould children who are interested in the game into top athletes.


He was instrumental in developing a detailed sporting pattern that saw emphasis on athletic prowess involving batting, bowling and fielding, as well as creating an educational setup which included the learning of cricket laws and umpiring signals and a series of modified games and cricketing fitness to ensure the Academy’s students are always at peak physical and mental prowess.

Given Keagan’s prodigious talent, it was only natural he would be blessed with an eye for detail. Meticulous and thorough, Keagan painstakingly works through the ICC Academy’s extensive portfolio of fixtures as well.

Having built the Warriors into a respectable, well-recognised endeavour, Keagan is now at the helm of the ICCA’s Schools Programme, which encompasses over 15 educational centres spread across the UAE.