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Equipment & training Aids

An integrated technology suite comprising digital data capture and analysis will enable real-time playback, bringing a new dimension to reviewing and improving the techniques of players and officials.


With three cameras tracking the ball, Hawk-Eye picks up the exact spot where the ball pitches. It can also create a grouping on a pitch to show exactly where a bowler has bowled to a batsman. Hawk-Eye measures the speed of the ball from the bowler’s hand, so it tells you exactly how much time the batsman has to react to a ball.

High Speed Camera

The CamRecord 600 is a state-of-the-art, compact and easy to use high-speed CMOS camera. It can operate at up to 500 frames per second, whilst the high resolution (1280 X 1024) of its sensor will ensure that every detail of the batsman’s shot or bowler’s delivery is recorded. The High speed camera is mounted on a mobile tripod and comes with a laptop, offering access to the software in the analysis suite.This flexibility allows users to record and review data within seconds, utilise the camera anywhere in the academy and provide the opportunity to link its usage to other biomechanical software

JUGS Cricket Machines

The JUGS Cricket machine is the most widely used bowling machine in the world. Its patented “gooseneck” design provides a full range of movement to adjust for all types of deliveries including fast risers, in–swing, out-swing, and slow-spins.It simulates both left and right-handed bowlers and its swivel-design base casting provides 360 movement for a variety of fielding drills.

Iron Mike Pitching Machines

Watching the ball is the key to successful batting. The pitching machine features the patented Iron mike pitching arm. with each pitch you see the arm wind up and deliver the ball as you would in reality. This is the only bowling machine available that gives you the advantage of using regulation cricket balls.