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The ICC Academy’s Schools Programme has resumed, enabling hundreds of talented children at institutions throughout Dubai to once again put them on the path to achieving sporting excellence.

The Schools Programme covers several schools in the city, with coaching available at the Jumeirah English Speaking School, the Jebel Ali Primary School, the Wellington International and Silicon Oasis schools, the Jumeirah Primary School, Cambridge International School and the Repton school.


Through the lessons and training programmes created by our internationally-recognised clutch of world-class coaching talent, children are taught the basics of batting, bowling and fielding when they first sign up for it.

Once they have mastered the basics of the game, more in-depth work in the form of shot precision, the ability to bowl perfect line and length, and assuming the correct fielding position is imparted to these kids.

In addition to the physical aspect of the activities inculcated to these children, their all-round development in the sport is accomplished through teaching these starlets the importance of developing the right work ethic and the presence of a sporting spirit in teams.


Kids are also taught the rules of the game, and are continually encouraged to increase their hand-eye coordination in the form of fielding, catching and throwing drills. There is also emphasis on honing these youngsters’ reflexes through batting and fielding drills.

At the end of every term, the ICC Academy hosts the Dubai Schools Festival, where all of the kids who’ve been part of the experience meet each other, presenting a great opportunity for these kids to make new friends.

Programmes such as this one are sure to further the interest and the sporting abilities of children in the region, a symbiotic effect is felt in the form of raising awareness of youth cricket in the region, which is a must for long-term sporting development in the UAE.

The Schools Programme is currently open for registrations. For more information, please contact Keagan Clarke at KeaganC@iccacademy.net or call (0)4 4481355