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World’s Largest Bat unveiled

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The World’s Largest Bat was unveiled at the ICC Academy by OSN as they ramp-up their build-up to the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, where the United Arab Emirates National Cricket Team will be representing their country.

Several photos of the UAE Cricket Team standing with the bat alongside the young talents currently training at the ICC Academy and the top brass of the Academy and the OSN Network, who are the official broadcasters of the 2015 World Cup and are the International Cricket Council’s Broadcast Partners.


The UAE Cricket team was present at the launch of the world’s biggest bat.

The bat will be mounted outside the ICC Academy for the duration of the entire Cricket World Cup, which begins on the 14th of February and ends on the 29th of March. OSN and the ICC are also attempting to enter this bat in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World Largest Bat.


Cricket fans in the UAE are urged to visit the ICC Academy during the length of the world cup and write their messages on the world’s biggest cricket bat.

Measuring 32 metres long, this bat is approximately 32 times longer than the standard cricket bat, which measures 0.965 metres. By the same proportion, this bat would stand 32 times higher than the average human being, or about 52.8 metres tall.

Standing on its end, this bat would be as tall as an eight to ten-story building, and is equal in length to approximately seven cars parked bumper-to-bumper in a row and weighs approximately 950 kilos.

Mr. Hamad Malik, Chief Marketing Officer of OSN, was ecstatic with the turnout for the event and was looking forward to the positive attention it would receive.

“OSN has all the cricket on our platform in this region and we’re also the sponsors of the UAE National Team so what we wanted to do was an activity with which we can engage the fans. We had this idea of creating the world’s largest bat and invite all the cricket fans to see this bat and wish good luck to the teams they want to.

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“The UAE is known for doing a lot of things which enter the Guinness Book of World Records and the public here is aware of that and quite used to it,” he added. “What we wanted to do is demonstrate our passion for the sport by doing this and I am sure that the cricket fans will react very well to this.

“Look at how quickly the bat is filling up!” he enthused. “So many comments, so many people have written great things and I am sure that as the word gets around that this bat is here, i am sure people will love to come and participate and i am sure people will appreciate this whole initiative,” he finished.